Ayurveda Massage

The Ayurvedic Massage provides relaxation, boosts the circulation and helps eliminate toxins. In rural areas in India, weekly massage is still a family scene. Indian people really enjoy it. They know that a good massage, like a best friend, brings joy, relaxation and well-being.

Ayurvedic massage oils are essential to any massage. In Ayurvedic body massage special oils  are used to make the continuous strokes and different massage techniques smoother while the fragrant stimulates the brain.



  • Relaxes the muscles: releases tension from muscles, ligaments and joints, releases back/shoulder/neck pain and helps to eliminate headache.
  • Makes you more flexible with gentle stretching techniques
  • Enhances the joint function: helps to increase the flow of blood and nutrients to the joints, increasing their flexibility. This is also very helpfull for quicker healing of joint injuries.
  • Increases circulation in all areas of the body and helps tissues to heal and to regulate blood pressure. Supports the functioning of all internal organs, increases the flow of lymph fluid, detoxifies, keeps skin healthy and smooth.
  • Relaxes emotionally and mentally: after the massage not only your body will feel free of tension, but also your mind will be calm and relaxed.

After the massage it is advisable to rest  and avoid any work or stressful activities, as the energies will be fluctuating in your body. You may feel sleepy and slowed down, although sometimes you may feel energetic too!  For the best result we advise you to eat lightly and stay quiet for the rest of the day.


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