Protect Nature – Peniche Beach Cleanups


Every day tons of garbage end up in the oceans and get washed up on our shores and beaches. The major part of this garbage is composed of plastics which are very hazardous to marine life, killing millions of fish, thousands of seals, turtles, and whales in our ocean. A group of environmentally conscious locals, artists, surfers and travelers organizes regular beach cleanups around the Peniche coastline. It encourages us to get out to our beaches and help limit this problem by cleaning up the litter that has washed up on shore, and that left by beach goers every day.

Marmeu – Associação de Defesa do Ambiente

is a local association for nature conservation. They are behind the idea of the beach cleanups. The work, though, does not end with just collecting the garbage.

MARMEU members create pieces of art, organize workshops, educational programs or other activities. Their goal is to show people a more conscious way to  deal with environmental pollution.



During your staying in Peniche or Baleal you are always very welcome to join these cleanups. Make mother nature happy, enjoy the good vibes, meet nice people, take a nice walk on the beach!

For more info about upcoming beach cleanup dates, please check the organization´s Facebook page.