Parvati Yoga Peniche offers home service in Baleal and Ferrel, given that your place is suitable for Yoga lessons or Ayurvedic treatment.

Enjoy the luxury of having your Yoga class or ayurveda treatment come to your place! Invite your friends to do Yoga with you!

If you prefer to take your lesson somewhere else, we will arrange a location. There are various indoor and outdoor places around town, which are perfect for Yoga and massages.

Sivananda based Hatha Yoga Classes (~75 min)

Group Class (3 or more)
2 People Class
Private class

Relaxation/Meditation Session (~60 min)

Group class (3 or more)
2 People class
Private class


Ayurvedic Massage


Back, Neck & Shoulders (~30 min)
Full Body Massage (~60 min)
Head Massage
Face Massage


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