Relaxation & Meditation Session

First relax the body, then relax the mind… You can approach meditation from two sides. From the spiritual side : it is a connection to the Universe or, from a more “practical” side, you can switch off your thoughts and have a quiet moment dedicated only to yourself. However, in the end the two things lead to the same result – peace of mind.

Swami Vishnu devananda, one of the greatest Yoga Masters of recent times, compared the mind to a wild horse that resists every attempt of control. It needs time, patience and correct technique to calm it down and tame it.

Our meditation session aims to relax body and mind by teaching you how to focus inside and let the disturbing thoughts go.

During the class you will learn simple and easy techniques which help you “switch off” and find an inner mental, as well as physical balance. We will teach you the first steps to a deeper meditation.


om shanti shanti shanti

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